New Amaron Quanta Project Completed Niger State June 2021

Using Amaron Quanta batteries, we were able to provide a sustainable energy solution for the establishment that needed it In Kitigi. Kutigi is a town in central Nigeria, north-west of

Some 2020 Port Harcourt Installations

This is a gallery containing Pictures of various projects in Exulted Eagles Port Harcourt. Scroll through and If you have any interest in similar setup feel free to contact us.

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria

The Management and Staff Of Exulted Eagles Nigeria Limited. Celebrate with Nigeria at 60 with new sales coming this month!

Solar Installations

Pictures of installations done on car ports and other tents or canopy ways. This is a creative way of utilizing your home or office space properly with the sunlight hitting

A Sneak-Peek into the Factory

Have you ever wondered how these sophisticated equipment are manufactured? well look no further as we have a few pictures and videos that will wow you. 

The ALL-New: REVO VII eSeries!

The Best in its Category! the REVO e-Series is a top predator in the Inverter world with its Off-Grid, Energy Storage Features, this is bound to be a winner in Offices, Farms, Industrial Areas etc.

Ever Heard of a Solar Pump Inverter?

Half of the energy produced around the world is used to operate pumps. Compared to diesel generator pumps, our solar pump inverter are environmentally friendly, with a long lifetime and low maintenance costs.

5kva hybrid installation with 10kva savo AVR and 6000w solar power, PH

This 5Kva installation in Port Harcourt showcases an ideal installation with 10Kva installations to protect equipment from current fluctuations

5kva with 18pcs 340w and 8 batteries (Exulted Lagos)

This Solid installation consists of a 5kva Exulted Inverter with 18pcs 340w solar panels, 8 De-Bull 225ah batteries and 10,000VA AVR Excellent for powering an entire house 20-30 Bulbs5 Fans4

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